14 April 2013

oh canada!

so the end of march was a pretty exciting time for us...
we finally went on our ski vacation to canada!
i had never been to canada, so it was especially exciting for me.

we flew into vancouver and then drove two hours up
the sea-to-sky highway to the beautiful alpine village of whistler.
it was perhaps the most breath taking drive i have ever experienced!

shannon falls is visible from the sea-to-sky highway!
image by sarah c baron

whistler is a pretty amazing place... 
if you ski or snowboard, i highly recommend it. 
if you don't that is okay too.
there are enough shops and restaurants to keep you busy also.
they even allow non-skiers to take the gondola up to the top
of the mountains for sightseeing, photography, and, of course, eating!

the view from the top of the world...
i imagine this is what heaven looks like.
image by sarah c baron

i really enjoyed "skiing" the mountain.
(skiing is quotations marks because i am a beginner)
what i really loved, however, was the food scene.

they make pretty good wine in canada! who knew?!
our favorite was from the blue mountain vineyard in bc.
image by sarah c baron

the appetizer and bar menu at the firerock lounge was pretty great.
carpaccio was yummy and their afternoon fondue special really hit the spot.
image by sarah c baron

the belvedere ice room at the barefoot bistro gives vodka tastings in frigid temps.
don't worry, they give you huge parkas to wear!
image by sarah c baron

our favorite apr├ęs ski was at the dubh linn irish pub,
which was located at the bottom of the slopes near the gondola to blackcomb.
the heated patio is a great place to enjoy some cider and poutine after skiing.
image by sarah c baron

on nights when we were too tired or sore to put clothes on and go out to eat
we stayed in and cooked up something tasty in our own little mini-kitchen!
the westin thought of almost everything!
image by sarah c baron

have i explained how good fries are when they are covered in gravy & cheese curd?!
poutine is a reason in itself to go to canada!
image by sarah c baron

after six fantastic days in whistler, we packed the car up
and headed back down to vancouver.
vancouver is an awesome city!! they have the ocean, the harbor,
the buildings, the mountains, the sky, the water, the shopping,
the parks, and the restaurants that you want in every vacation...
and it is all in one place!!

it seems cheesy & touristy,
but we had a great time at the revolving restaurant, top of vancouver.
we got to have a glass of champagne and really get a feel for the scope of the city!
image by sarah c baron

a view from the top of vancouver...
our hotel was over there somewhere!
image by sarah c baron

an afternoon cider to cool off and rest our feet!
we walked a lot!!
image by sarah c baron

beautiful totem poles in stanley park
image by sarah c baron

the television shows do not lie about "meat & bread".
seriously, do not miss the porchetta: salsa verde!!
image by sarah c baron

did i mention how much i love poutine?!
this fancy version with shallots and parsley from six acres was incredible!
image by sarah c baron

there were so many other amazing places to eat, shop, and hang out!
i couldn't possibly photograph and share every good meal, snack, or view
that we experienced in vancouver! however, if you plan on going,
give me a holla and i will recommend some more must-sees for you!

wish you were here!
cheesy, posy awesomeness by coast mountain photogaphy

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