06 May 2013

bacon WITH a cause

this upcoming saturday, which is may 12,
i will be participating in a 5K walk to raise money for
a very deserving family who is currently undergoing some serious hardship
because of a violent invasion of their home earlier this year.

please consider making a small donation to the cause
to support our team and the family!

any help you can provide is much appreciated!!

here is some information about the family.

here is where you can donate to our team.

05 May 2013

the bbq is back!

it is still pretty chilly here in nc,
despite it being may!
however, we are back in the bbq
swing of things.
every chance we get, we are in the yard
with the grill flaming & smoking!
there will surely be more photos to come
as the season warms up!

smoking fresh bacon.
new flavor experimentation... bloody mary bacon!
image and bacon by sarah c baron

bob getting smokey & choppy with some smoked pork shoulder!
image by sarah c baron

rib cook-off... dry rub versus cheer wine sauce.
the winner: whomever got to suck the meat off of those bad boys!
image by sarah c baron

the tomahawk chop..
and the delicious stock the we make from the enormous bones!
image by sarah c baron

a rainbow of veggie flavor!
image by sarah c baron