01 March 2012

o bacon! my bacon!

... our fun-filled trip is done!

bob & sarah's first fresh bacon experiment is complete
and we have deemed it a success!

sunday, despite a drop in temperature, we brought our cured and rinsed pork belly
out back to our favorite weber grill for an infusion of smokey goodness.
bob is the grill master at our house and smokes using the kettle grill regularly.
to keep the temperature low and indirect, he uses only a few coals and concentrates them
on the far side of the grill in a little half moon container that came with it.
the meat goes on a piece of foil on the opposite side of the grill.
added to the coals are a few hands full of wood to create the smoke.
this time, bob went with a combination of hickory and cherry.
he smoked it for about three hours and kept the temperature between 150 and 200 degrees.
smoking this way requires a bit of attention to ensure that the temperature doesn't get too high.
bob checks the grill every fifteen minutes or so to make sure it keeps smoking.

the bacon came out so good!
it is smoky and herby and takes like what bacon should taste like.
check it out...

getting the grill smoker to a good temperature...
image by sarah c baron

we pick up our wood chips and chunks at the local lowes.
this time we are using a combination of hickory & cherry.
image by sarah c baron

heat... check.
smoke... check.
cured pork belly... check!
image by sarah c baron

bob stokes the smoke & checks the bacon
image by sarah c baron

it looks like real bacon...
(this is an end slice, so it is a little more smoky & salty than the rest)
image by sarah c baron

it cooks like real bacon...
image by sarah c baron

it tastes like real bacon!
this is a little endive, irish blue cheese & bacon salad...
we had fish this night, so i had to come up with some way to incorporate our bacon :)
image by sarah c baron