05 March 2013

the ellen cherry experience @ the sorting table on 7th

in uptown charlotte, between college & brevard, where the light rail ends,
when i was in college, this building housed a boutique grocery store.
today, though, it is home to a variety of colorful vendors
selling all sorts of tasty local foods and beverages!

one of my favorite shops to visit is the new,
this wine shop is owned by josh, a fun and quirky gentleman,
who is always happy to chat, show you around, 
make suggestions, and maybe,
just maybe, if you are really nice,
invite you to a wine tasting or special dinner!

a few weeks ago, we took josh up on one of those offers
and we were one of the privileged few lucky enough to partake
in the ellen cherry experience...
this just so happened to fall on the night before my birthday,
so it was a win-win for me!

the ellen cherry experience was, indeed, an experience!
that sunday night we were entertained by the vocal stylings
of baltimore's own, ellen cherry.
we were fed a huge meal of multiple courses
and josh paired the fare with both red and white wines...
for each course!!

if you ever get the chance to attend such an event,
don't think about it...
just do it! you will not be sorry!

be sure to visit ellen cherry on the internet
and stop by to see josh in person the time you are uptown!

the market transformed into an elegant, yet casual dinner setting
image by sarah c baron

creamy, warm mushroom soup with a yummy crostini
image by sarah c baron

the shrimp course
image by sarah c baron

lamb, lamb, lamb... the ragu is to die for!
image by sarah c baron

chocolate empanadas for dessert
image by sarah c baron

a varied and delicious wine selection
image by sarah c baron

host & chef obliging me
image by sarah c baron

tasty, tasty bubble... happy birthday to me!
(thanks so much, bobby!)
image by sarah c baron